Important Information for Group Leaders

Bringing your group to Heatwave? It's more than just signing up and showing up, taking the time to invest in your leaders, housing and food in advance are essential to making the Best Week of Summer a reality for your group. Here's a quick list of pointers to get you started. 

Registration and Cost

Please review the information on the Get Here page of our website for information on bringing your group to Heatwave.


  • You must have a one to seven leader to student ratio within each gender!!! 
  • Make sure your volunteer leaders are qualified and trained.
  • Mandatory leader’s meetings will occur at the Wildwood Convention Center during the week.
  • A leaders-only Celly group will be available, which allows you direct communication with the conference staff. Information will be provided during the first leaders meeting.


  • Housing is your responsibility, so please don’t wait until the June 5th early registration date to make your housing arrangements.
  • All leaders must be in the same accommodations with their students.  But do not put one teen and one adult in the same room alone
  • Tuesday night program will start at 7:00 pm and end by 8:30 pm so it is possible to save a nights cost if you want to leave after the last session on Thursday evening. Whether you leave Tuesday or wednesday make sure that your transportation arrives at your facility before 9 am for packing and loading in order to respect checkout times and the preparations needed for your facility prior to the arrival of their next guests.
  • A motel may allow you to pay for one room to store your luggage until Thursday evening.


  • There are many local restaurants and diners. The conference secures discounts at several of them. They will be listed in the conference pocket schedule and on our website.
  • Some motel rooms in wildwood have kitchenettes to help with food costs. Some groups have had great success in the past to provide a simple menu for their own delegation using potential facilities in their housing. 
  • If you would like further ideas on this contact Gary Grecco.